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Yousmarg Sightseeing Places

About Sightseeing

Yusmarg is certainly a good alternative to Kashmir’s more popular destinations, especially if you’re a hiker who’d rather spend time in the wilderness than in gardens. It’s a small little dwelling, not even a town, marked just by the JKTDC guest house complex set amidst a sprawling meadow, and manages to be ignored by most tourists. Which is just as well for those who want to immerse themselves in the legendary beauty of the Vale of Kashmir, a beauty best experienced in the treks across the Budgam woods to stunning meadows. Some of these are light walks; some are more demanding.

Yusmarg is the perfect place to go for a picnic. It is possible that after reaching this place, you may want to even stay for a few days. Specially, for the lovers of long walks in picturesque locales, Yusmarg is the place to be. Yousmarg is drive from Srinagar ( 47 kms ) will take you to acres upon acres of grassy meadow ringed by forests of pine, and towering beyond them, awesome and majestic snow clad mountains.

Lying in the Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir this is Yusmarg- close enough to Srinagar for a picnic, idyllic enough to make you want to stay for a few days. Grassy pastures stretching to acres of land, the dense forests full of pine trees, with the backdrop of splendid snow capped mountains leave you almost speechless. Within commutable distance from Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir,


Yusmarg lies at the end of the road from Charar-e-Sharief, home to the dargah of Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali. As you pass the ancient Sufi shrine, you find the air becoming cooler and the foliage turning a deep shade of green. The winding road leads by streams and small clearings set amidst the forests, till you come across some new tourist facilities being built by the Yusmarg Development Authority (YDA). Up next is a water reservoir, fenced off for security reasons, and then, a narrow, rutted path that passes by a small market on to the JKTDC tourist huts and car parking. All around are meadows, rolling hills and pine trees. A bridle path leads through the meadows towards Doodhganga, passing by the under-construction Yusmarg Club.


Doodhganga, barely 2 km to the west of Yusmarg, is a fast-flowing river named after the water that churns into froth when passing over rocks. This is an easy walk, but you can also hire a pony for ₹150. The clearing by the river is the perfect spot to picnic in, or relax in the meadows off the path. You’ll also see the huts of nomadic Gujjars on the slopes, and their horses running around.

You could fish in the Doodhganga. The fisheries department has an office here, close to the Yusmarg market, which hands out licenses (₹1,000 for a day’s fishing; you can catch up to 6 fish), but the office is often shut. Alternatively, pick up a license when passing through Srinagar

Nil Nag Lake

The Nil Nag Lake beside Gogji Pathri Village is another popular walk, a 4-km hike north from Yusmarg. You could take a guide along, but soon out of Yusmarg you’ll reach the lower village houses of Gogji Pathri, and can ask the way. Else, take the long way round and make a detour to Nil Nag from Nagam, ahead of Charar-e-Sharief. It’s a 49 km drive from Yusmarg via Charar-e-Sharief, Nagam, Shoukatpora, Dadompora and Nowhar to Gogji Pathri and Nil Nag. This detour is best taken on the way back to Srinagar. Do confirm the road’s in good shape before setting off. The Hajun meadow is close to the lake (1½ km).